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Our years of experience in transportation and
delivery allows us to always offer a solution designed to meet your needs...



Kolarević Ltd
Company "Kolarevć" is a family business with a long tradition in the field of transport. Our experience in providing transportation, logistics and delivery is your benefit.


Our services
Kolarević Ltd. has two basic services in its business: transfers and road transport. Both services branch out further and include a variety of other services...


Our vision
Our vision is to offer comprehensive services in the transport sector. That's why everything we do is focused on the needs and requirements of our clients...

Company "Kolarević" Ltd

"Kolarević" Ltd is a freight forwarding and rental company based in Münster / Westphalia, Germany.
As a company that provides full service, we offer you solutions in a variety of modes of transport and forwarding. Regardless of whether you need trasport to airport, transport to a particular event or thermal transport, we are a reliable partner.

Transportation services

» Fairs, Conferences, events...

» Airport Transportation

» Transport services

» Transport of aircrew

» Transport solutions

» Special transports

» Thermo transport


Our clients come from diverse industries...
The customer is still king - that's why we are always striving to make our customers happy...
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Transport services


Our staff are here to ensure that your trip proceeds without any interference, with full and exclusive discretion. We offer you, your clients or business partners, a special transportation service, in accordance with your wishes.
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City courier


We must respect the deadlines?
We transport your shipment in a short period from location A to location B - directly, without casual stopping, additional cargo or a detour.
We deliver your goods DIRECTLY to the recipient.. Read more... »

Airport Transportation

We'll take you to any airport, safely and comfortably, so that you can go on your holiday relaxed. You can use our transportation to the airport in Münster / Osnabrück, as well as to airports across Germany. Our drivers will pick you up at your home, your hotel or exhibition halls. Kindness and best service are guaranteed.
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